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Apr 10, 2022

Sadamasa Motonaga, Japan, “Red and Yellow,” 1963
♫ Anoushka Shankar & Norah Jones – Traces Of You

When You Lie It’s Misinformation, When They Lie It’s Cool, by Caitlin Johnstone

The United States and Ukraine Started the War — Not Russia, by Richard Ochs
War Is the Crime: Its Perpetrators Seldom Face Justice, by Thomas Knapp
Imperial Conquest: America’s “Long War” against Humanity, by Michel Chossudovsky (Video)
The Jimmy Dore Show: Sean Penn Pushes Using Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine War (Video)
Ray McGovern: Corporate Media Deploys the Big Guns on Ukraine
For Some in NATO, War in Ukraine Is Preferable to Quick Peace Deal, by Kyle Anzalone, Will Porter
     NATO sends heavy armaments to Ukraine
Ukraine: The Broader Geopolitical Conflict, by Vijay Prashad
World Economic Forum Was Created by US Policies, by Dr. Joseph Mercola
Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: “These Vaccines are Killing the Young and the Old, They are Killing our Children” (Video)
Suddenly, Peak Oil and Gas! The Cataclysmic Result of Sanctions against Russia, w/James Howard Kunstler
MoA: More Evidence That Ukraine Fired The Missile Which Killed Dozens In Kramatorsk
Zelensky Says Post-War Ukraine Will Be Like Israel, Won’t Be ‘Liberal, European,’ by Dave DeCamp
European Markets Freak Out As Odds Of Le Pen Victory In French Presidential Elections Jump, by Tyler Durden
     Mélenchon appears as hologram in final push for French election, by Kim Willsher
US Declared War on Russia and Ukraine in 2014 (and on Pakistan Today) – Kevin Barrett Podcast
Addressing the many concerns global citizens have about China’s “Zero-Covid” policy, by Jeff Brown
The Second American Civil War is Underway, by Lawrence Sellin
“Vanilla ISIS” Is Here – The CIA Constructed Illusion Meant To Demonize Russia & Justify War On YOU (Podcast)
News from CJ Hopkins & Consent Factory (Part 2)
Deconstructing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s position regarding Russia-Ukraine Crisis, by Mansoureh Tajik
California Punches the Tar Baby, by Jared Taylor
     California Reparations for Blacks, by Gregory Hood
Biden’s Big Government Centrism, by Ron Paul
7-Foot Robot at Dallas Airport Watches for Unmasked Travelers, Will Notify Law Enforcement (Video)
UK sanctions billionaire Moshe Kantor, head of European Jewish Congress
A 40% Fatherless Nation? by Terrence P. Jeffrey
Democrats Block Subpoena For Hunter Biden To Testify Before Congress, by Jack Phillips
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