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Apr 9, 2022

♫ Orff | Carmina Burana

The Total War to Cancel Russia, by Pepe Escobar

Nuclear War Is On the Horizon, by Paul Craig Roberts
Sitrep: Operation Z, by Nightvision
SC Editorial: U.S. Media Boast of Waging Information War Against Russia
Twitter IS “State-Affiliated Media,” by Caitlin Johnstone
Gonzalo Lira: Russia AND the US Miscalculated In This War (Podcast)
“The Russians” commit yet another “atrocity,” by the Saker
UAF Troops Forced to Ride Bikes to the Front
U.S. Leaders Claim to Care About Ukrainians, But Will They Make the Compromises Necessary to End the War? by Jack Gilroy
Kyiv Independent Deep Dive: The West’s In-Kind Answer to Putin’s Propaganda, by Alan Macleod
Blinken Ignores Rwanda Genocide Anniversary for Good Reason. West Is Repeating Its Mistakes in Ukraine, by Martin Jay
Who Wins, Who Loses Gen. Milley’s Long War? by Pat Buchanan
“There Is Going To Be A New World Disorder,” by Egon von Greyerz
The Disney Company Quits Russia – And Not a Moment Too Soon, by Robert Bridge
     Florida Lawmaker Says Disney ‘Stepped In Quicksand And Made A Drastic Unforced Error,’ by Patricia Tolson
The rise of the meta-criminal, by Jon Rappoport
Israel’s Far-Right Militias Pile On the Apartheid State’s Official Terror Campaign, by Miko Peled
Trumping Environment, by Mazin Qumsiyeh
Ellen Brown on the Coming Global Financial Revolution; Gideon Polya on Comparative Casualties.. Kevin Barrett Podcast
In Stunning Speech, Peter Thiel Blasts Buffett, Dimon, & Fink As “Finance Gerontocracy”; Sees Bitcoin Rising 100-Fold
How it unfolds, by Jon Rappoport
U.S. Cancels Countries; Kills Ancient, Civilizing Concept of Neutrality, by Ilana Mercer
Chomsky, Cornel West, Naomi Klein Join Over 100 Academics Denouncing The Israel lobby’s Attempt To Cancel Lowkey
Corporate Media Ignores Senate Hearing on Corporate Greed and Inflation, by Ralph Nader
Biden Is Making a Fool Out of Progressive Democrats, by Ted Rall
New York’s Prison Crisis, by John Kiriakou
Grandmother of JFK Assassination Research Lived a Double Life, by Philip F. Nelson
Cuba Prepares for Disaster
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