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Apr 16, 2022

♫ Paco De Lucia, Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin live in Modena

More Escalations In Online Censorship, by Caitlin Johnstone

Day 50 of the SMO – are things becoming clear(er)? by The Saker
SC Editorial: Ukraine Conflict Marks End of Era Dominated by Western Power
PCR: The Kremlin Has Missed the Opportunity to End the Provocations of Russia That Are Bringing the World to Nuclear War
Andrei Martyanov on “RKR Moskva and Sitrep On The Run” (Podcast)
Russia’s Sergey Glazyev introduces the new global financial system, by Pepe Escobar
Andrei Tsiganov: Russia is Regaining Its Sovereignty Thanks to the Sanctions Imposed by the West, by Rolo Slavski
Ukraine Is Smashed – This Is How It Will Be Repaired, by John Helmer
Team Zelensky Overplays Hand By Humiliating Germany, by Finian Cunningham
     From the Rapallo Treaty to War in Ukraine: The Western Policy Towards Moscow-Berlin Relations, by Mauricio Metri
Alarmism About China Distracts from Ongoing Western Imperialism, by Chris Kasper de Ploeg
The Lies…And the Eyes…Of Ukraine, by Brett Redmayne-Titley
U.S. Jews favor return to Iran deal, and don’t care about Israel as a political issue, by Philip Weiss
After Ukraine, Other Stupid Ideas for Virtue Signaling, by Ted Rall
Russia Formally Warns US to Stop Arming Ukraine, by Dave DeCamp
Ukraine: ‘Independent Sources’ funded by Western Gov’ts & Media Double Standards (Lowkey, MintPress Podcast)
NYT Smears Journalist, Calls 2014 Ukraine Coup ‘Conspiracy Theory,’ by Ben Norton
Should We Commit to Fight Russia — for Finland? by Pat Buchanan
Consumer Protection Progress and Regress – From the Sixties to Now, by Ralph Nader
Buffett Says “Musk Is Winning…It’s America” As TWTR Board Ponders Poison Pill, by Tyler Durden
     MoA: Librul Frenzy Over Musk Buying Twitter
Durden: “Nice Narrative” But No: Why One Strategist Thinks Zoltan Pozsar’s “Bretton Woods 3” Is Never Going To Happen
When They Build a “Wall of Propaganda”…What’s on the Other Side? (Kevin Barrett Podcast)
The War on ‘Woke’ Capitalism has begun, by Mark E. Jeftovic
Testimony Reveals Zelensky’s Secret Police Plot to ‘Liquidate’ Opposition Figure Anatoly Shariy, by Dan Cohen
Biden Extends Mask Mandate For Americans, While Scrapping All Restrictions For Illegal Border Migrants, by Steve Watson
Israel kills six Palestinians in the West Bank, by Yumna Patel
Amazon Lashes Back in Staten Island Warehouses, by Luis Feliz Leon
Activism, Uncensored: “West Virginia Rising” Takes on Joe Manchin, by Matt Taibbi and Ford Fischer (Video)
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