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Dec 23, 2021

David vs Goliath
♫ Magic Carpet Ride · Steppenwolf

Fauci and Biden are Pathological Liars, by Paul Craig Roberts

The Left’s Contempt for Bodily Autonomy During the Pandemic Is a Gift to the Right, by Jonathan Cook
Maturity Is Realizing That Propaganda Isn’t Something That Only Happens To Other People, by Caitlin Johnstone
Mass Psychosis – How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill
Russia Advises NATO to (Finally) Honor Its ‘Not One Inch Eastward’ Pledge, by Robert Bridge
     Why U.S. Security Talks With Russia is Invite to Hall of Mirrors, by Finian Cunningham
How to Overthrow Governments – The Color Revolution Formula
Putting Lipstick on a Pig, by Stephen Lendman
It’s Official: Durham Is Investigating The Clinton Campaign, by Techno Fog
Elon Musk Sits Down With The Babylon Bee (Video)
Fauci’s Finished, by James Rickards
     Danish Study Reveals All Variants Mostly Infect The “Fully Vaccinated” – Ryan Cristián Podcast
“Do Not Discriminate” Against the Unvaccinated, Japanese Government Tells Citizens, by Noah Carl
Next Up, COVID Passport Implants? by Sundance
     Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 12/21
Will the Islamic World Save Afghanistan? by Pepe Escobar
The Single Most Important Thing We Can Do To Save the Constitution, by Huck Davenport
Loudoun County Epilogue: A Worsening Culture War, and the False Hope of “Decorum,” by Matt Taibbi
Russian Tough Talk with Teeth? by Stephen Lendman
‘Previously Unknown Massacres’: Why is Israel Allowed to Own Palestinian History? by Ramzy Baroud
Gurvitz: Israeli army rule allowing shooting of stone-throwers will be applied to Palestinians, not Jews
Palestinians Welcome Victory of Chile’s Boric, Who Called Israel ‘Murderous State’
     “We Have a Pro-Palestinian Lobby in Latin America” – Interview with Simán Khoury, by Yousef Aljamal
Rep. Bennie Thompson, Head Of Jan. 6 Witch Hunt, Thought Insurrection Was Fine—For Blacks In The 1960s
It’s Official: Durham Is Investigating The Clinton Campaign, by Techno Fog
Ending Canadian diplomacy’s anti-Palestinian racism, by Karen Rodman
Complaint to Ofcom about Sky’s Breach of the Broadcasting Code Over its Promotion of ‘Net Zero’
Babylon Bee: It’s Official: New White House Dog To Be Named Karl Barx
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