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Dec 22, 2021

The Strategic Plan
♫ The Beatles – Revolution

Woke Dems establishing “Social Justice” despotism, by Philip Giraldi

Samantha Power and the Cosmopolitan Crusaders, by Christopher Mott
Revanchist Nazism Throughout the Western World, by Paul Craig Roberts
Aldous Huxley and Deep-State Predictive Programming, w/Cynthia Chung (Podcast)
Free Speech Union Welcomes Court of Appeal Judgment in Landmark Free Speech Case, by Toby Young
J North: U.S. foreign policy hawks, with decades of disaster behind them, call for a threat to attack Iran
     Hard-Wired US/Western Hostility Toward Iran, by Stephen Lendman
The “Trial” of Ghislaine Maxwell Is a Soap Opera to Distract Attention from Western Political “Leaders”
The Right is Building Armies of Confrontation, by Vijay Prashad
“Zionophobia” Takes Identity Politics to a Whole New Level — of Idiocy, by Kevin Barrett
Russian press on Russia – West relations
Lavrov says EU foreign policy head told him to STAY OUT of ‘our’ Africa
RFK Jr. defends health and (some semblance of) liberty against pandemic profit and power, by Greg Klein
Archbishop Viganò’s startling warning to the American people, by Thomas Lifson
     Green Party Assembles Circular Firing Squad With its Support of Mandated COVID-19 Jabs, by Lauren Smit
‘We will not comply’: Massive London protest against COVID passports, threat of mandatory jabs (Video)
     A Doctor Writes… Here We Go Again
Everything suggests Omicron was leaked from a laboratory engaged in gain-of-function research, by eugyppius
     Boris Johnson and staff pictured with wine in Downing Street garden in May 2020
Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 12/20
Ex-Mossad Chief Cohen Shared Secret Info With Flight Attendant, Her Husband Claims – Report
Neocon, Far Right, pro-Israel think tank attacks Biden as pro-Russian! by Con Coughlin
Canada must prepare for America’s rapid decline, by Dimitri Lascaris
Three Palestinian young people share the tremendous challenges they face due to the Israeli occupation
A historic victory of the left. Α new Tsipras or a new Allende? by Patricia Luna / Joshua Goodman
     Honduras/Chile Si, Yanquis No, by Stephen Lendman
Biden Staff Did ‘Inexcusable’ Things: Manchin, by Tyler Durden
Kremlin lashes out at ‘dangerous fools’
German minister: Putin should not go shopping on Champs Elysée, by Julia Dahm
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