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Feb 11, 2022

♫ Katie Melua – Crawling Up A Hill

China & Russia Throw Down Gauntlet to US, by Benjamin Norton

Justin Trudeau’s Ceauşescu Moment, by Matt Taibbi
Is the American Legacy Media a ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’? by Robert Bridge
They Don’t Just Lie To Us About Wars. They Lie To Us About Everything, by Caitlin Johnstone
The Battle for Freedom in Canada Is Not Over, But at the Moment the Truckers Are Ahead, by Paul Craig Roberts
     Global Trucker Convoys Protest Mandates, by Dr. Joseph Mercola
Truckers say Trudeau and No. America’s liberal media are falsely demonizing them as ultra-right-wing crazies
How the Left betrayed the Truckers, by Malcom Kyeyune
     Jen Psaki Helps Ottawa Set Up Truckers for Arrest as Domestic Terrorists, by Paul Craig Roberts
Elon Musk–backed ‘freedom truckers’ in Canada get Bitcoin lifeline after GoFundMe freezes millions in donations
Tell Me What’s Untrue in Amnesty’s Report on Israel, by Gideon Levy
How the Establishment Functions, by Craig Murray
Experts Detail Deadly Consequences of US Drone Strikes at Senate Hearing, by Brett Wilkins
Daily Sceptic Latest Update
     A Health Public Policy Nightmare, by Robert W Malone MD, MS
1,000 Different Studies Show Extensive Evidence of COVID-19 Vaccines Adverse Events, by JD Rucker
     Dr. Robert Malone: Interesting That Mortality is Much Higher in Israel Than Less Vaccinated Palestine (Video)
Ryan Cristián: Boosted In Scotland’s Last Month Account For Over 50% Of All COVID Deaths, Hospitalizations & Cases
     Why Weren’t These Vaccines Put Through the Proper Safety Trials For Gene Technology, by Dr. John D. Flack
Austrians Being Stopped Randomly By Authorities And Forced To Prove They Are Vaccinated, by Steve Watson
Biden’s antisemitism envoy nominee: “Branding Israel as an apartheid state is more than historically inaccurate”
Ask people in the Middle East whether NATO is strictly a ‘defensive’ alliance – Putin
Rogan Discusses “Political Hit Job” Against Him, by Steve Watson (Video)
EU powers endorse NATO war threats against Russia as Macron visits Ukraine, by Alex Lantier
     France’s Macron: Putin Says He Won’t Escalate Ukraine Situation, by Dave DeCamp
French military provides United Arab Emirates assistance for genocidal war in Yemen, by Rick Rozoff
     France’s conservatives cry out for National Socialism – Zemmour’s response? by Ramin Mazaheri
A few assorted items about what is taking place, by The Saker
UK’s Johnson Hails Diplomacy While Stoking Russia War, by Finian Cunningham
Cubans Will Not Forget U.S. Treachery, by Ramona Wadi
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