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Feb 12, 2022

U.S.-backed, violent coup in Ukraine, 2014
♫ Rachel Davis and Darren McMullen at Celtic Colours

The Crisis in Ukraine Is Not About Ukraine. It’s About Germany, by Mike Whitney

What Is Washington Up to? by Paul Craig Roberts
The Ultimate End of NATO, by Scott Ritter
SC Editorial: Forget Diplomacy… Russia Should Shun UK’s Toxic Foreign Secretary Liz Truss
Daily Sceptic Latest Update
     Last 2 yrs Worse Than 2020 Despite Jab & “Fully Vaxed”: In UK Last Month Over 80% Of Deaths.. (Video)
QTR: COVID “Conspiracy Theories” Have Now Magically Become “Fact-Checked” Mainstream Narrative
America is Reaping What It Sowed in Ukraine, by Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J. S. Davies
The obscure UN committee that (may) charge Israel with Apartheid, by David Kattenburg
The Care and Feeding of the Rabble: Democracy its Own Self, by Fred Reed
Decolonize The Earth, by David Spero Rn
Tucker Carlson Interviews Dr Robert Malone(Video)
Will Scathing Amnesty Apartheid Report Lead to Change in Israel’s Criminal Practices? by Miko Peled
     ‘The Blood in the Barrel’: Decades of Israeli Propaganda are Faltering, by Ramzy Baroud
Over 250 US Rabbis Demand End of Jewish Settler Violence in Palestine
There’s No Place in Our Schools for ADL’s ‘No Place For Hate,’ by Kathryn Shihadah
The Olympic War Against Russian Athletes
Palestine 1920: The Other Side of the Palestinian Story (Video)
Army Whistleblower: Mossad Set Up a Laptop Stand at Mall Near Army Base to Spy on US Troops, by Patrick Howley
‘Death Sentence for Untold Numbers of Civilians’: Biden to Permanently Seize Afghan Assets, by Jon Queally
Mass Shootings, Hostage Scenarios, Terror Attacks – Perhaps the Answer Is to Do Absolutely Nothing? by Tim Kirby
“Slash The Tires, Arrest The Drivers”: Harvard Prof And CNN Analyst Calls For Violence Against Freedom Convoy
     Canadian Army Major Stephen Chledowski speaks out against tyranny in Canada (Video)
The Left Has Culture, but the World Still Belongs to the Banks, by Vijay Prashad
Life Under Fire: The Wages of Apostasy, by David Irving
The “Crapification” Of The US Economy Is Now Complete, by Charles Hugh Smith
Will Erdogan’s Peacekeeping in Ukraine Work? by Claudio Gallo
Malarkey About Western Push to Ease Tensions with Moscow, by Stephen Lendman
The Crisis in US Railroads, by Joe DeManuelle-Hall
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