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Feb 8, 2024


  • jef Jelten

    You really need to get on the right side of this “illegal imigration invasion” bullshit.

    TPTB, US, UK NATO. Izzies have displaced, that means made it impossible to live where they used to live, over 100 million people around the world in just the last 10 years, a billion people over the last 20 years.

    We have done this by mass killing, bombing, government over throw, economic oppression, debt slavery, sanctions, and on and on….

    These people would much prefer to remain in their traditional homes and societies but they and their loved ones are dying by the thousands every day due to imperial oppression.

    You want to address immigration? pull our military and all of the covert orgs out of their countries, stop raping and stealing their resources, let them develop their own economies then pay a fair price for their resources, and you will have refugees racing to get back home.

    If you don’t understand what I am talking about you should stop posting on the internet until you do.

  • jef Jelten

    Sorry – I just have never seen any links on your site that explain this truth. I am certain 99% of people don’t understand this fact about immigration/refugees and indeed would strenuously argue against it.