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Jan 16, 2022

Hisham Abu Hawash’s hunger strike
♫ Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

How Badly The Powerful Need Control Of Online Speech, by Caitlin Johnstone

A Daily Dose of MSM Fake News About Russia, by Stephen Lendman
America is Falling Apart at the Seams, by David Brooks
How Palestinian hunger striker Hisham Abu Hawash forced Israel to concede, by Ramzy Baroud
The Saker interviews Ljubiša Malenica from Sarajevo
America to come: a contemplation on the creation of ‘Why is we Americans?’ by Udi Aloni
The Demolition of the Principles of Good Clinical Practice, by Mark Shaw
     England ‘WILL scrap Covid passes at the end of the month’ because they are ‘hard to justify’ now that Omicron is subsiding
New Emails Reveal Scientists Stifled Lab Leak Discussion to Protect “Science in China,” by Noah Carl
     Mass-Jabbing the Main Cause of Outbreaks, by Stephen Lendman
No-Vaxx Djokovic Visa Cancelled Again in “Punitive” Late Move By Australian Government, by Will Jones
     Vaccine Effectiveness Against Hospitalisation Plummets in Omicron Surge, Data Shows, by Will Jones
GOP Senator Demands DoD Investigate Leaked DARPA Bombshell Over Covid-19 Origins, by Tyler Durden
     Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 01/15
Pepe Escobar and The Grayzone: Kazakhstan coup fails, US-Russia talks go nowhere. Is war on horizon? (Video)
Rachel Riley libel ruling is the latest judicial attack on political speech, by Jonathan Cook
‘The Nation’ lifts up Jewish fears over Palestinian realities in a Zionist tract, by Philip Weiss
Ryan Cristián: Vax Immune-Mediated Hepatitis Confirmed & The False Walk-Back Of The Narrative (Video)
What’s happening in the Naqab? Israel uproots Palestinians to plant trees, by Yumna Patel
What’s Going On With Nancy Pelosi’s Son? by Tyler Durden
Iraq War: Secret Memo Reveals Bush-Blair Plans to Topple Saddam Hussein, by D. Hearst
     The Lies and Conspiracy Theories From Neocon ‘Crazies’ That Fueled Iraq War Are Subject of New History
Iraq: A War For Israel, by Mark Weber
Corporate Journalists Are Blind to a Big COVID Lesson, by Ted Rall
Martin Luther King Day and the Destruction of the American Republic, by Boyd D. Cathey
High Hope and Damnable Despair: Some Words of Wisdom from Vox Day and Bruce Charlton, by Tobias Langdon
Yachts To Be Exempt From EU’s Carbon Pricing Plan, by Tyler Durden
Tim Kirby, longtime resident, answers all your questions about Russia (Video w/Jeff Brown)
How Afghans are using solar energy as alternative to unreliable state-supplied electricity (Video)
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