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Jan 17, 2022

Nougat, The Sniper of Kaya
♫ Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child

False Flags Suddenly No Longer A Crazy Conspiracy Theory, by Caitlin Johnstone

Look Behind The Curtain: Discussion with Author Walter Kirn, by Matt Taibbi
Peeking Past the Pall Put Over Arms Talks With Russia, by Ray McGovern
Consciousness as the Ground of Being | Interview with Federico Faggin
     Bernardo Kastrup: Mind over Matter
Lyme Liturgy Extras: 1 “One,” by The Baron
If Austria and Switzerland Are Exempt From NATO Then Why Not Ukraine? by Finian Cunningham
Can Free Florida Survive? by Paul Craig Roberts
Integration Has Failed. Now What? by Eugene Gant
Russian Foreign Ministry on Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Other Issues, by Stephen Lendman
     The CIA Has Been Training Ukrainian Paramilitaries to ‘Kill Russians,’ by Dave DeCamp
The Farkas effect: When the Blob mobilizes for war, by Doug Bandow
Turkey’s ‘Turkic world’ ambitions face reality check in Kazakhstan, by Sinan Tavsan
Syrian Extremists Had Free Access To Western Media, Says Award Winning Syrian Photographer, by Patrik Paulov
Vaccine Safety Update, by Will Jones
     Australian Regime Deports World’s #1 Player Novak Djokovic from Country, Bans Him from Entry for 3 Years
Now They’re Redefining ‘Endemic’ to Keep the Pandemic Going On and On, by Will Jones
     Disturbing report from VAERS…
Latest NHS Data Suggest Omicron No Worse Than a Bad Cold
     U of Chicago Must End Its Booster Mandate — We Are Not Lab Rats
Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 01/16
Russophobe Extremist Victoria Nuland, by Stephen Lendman
European Requiem for the Russian Opposition, by Serbian Knight
Nat’l Digital Vaccine Card, COVID Deaths No Longer Required Reporting To Fed & You’re A Terrorist (Video)
Leaked Fauci Financials Expose How Millionaire Doctor Profited From Pandemic, by Tyler Durden
     My exclusive 10 minute interview with Tony Fauci, by Steve Kirsch
Fraudster Fauci’s Ill-Gotten Wealth, by Stephen Lendman
Out of sight, out of mind: Afghanistan vanishes from US news, by Jim Lobe
Within Decade, Planet’s Natural World Facing Largest Mass Extinction Event Since Dinosaurs, by Julia Conley
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