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Mar 12, 2022

‘Prophet’ Jacques Attali – The Real Globalist ‘Mastermind’ Behind the Great Reset
♫ Brìghde Chaimbeul, Ross Ainslie & Steven Byrnes live at Celtic Colours

Umm… Are We The Baddies? by Caitlin Johnstone

SC Editorial: Western Silence on NATO-Backed Provocations Leading to War in Ukraine
On a Knife’s Edge in Ukraine, by Joe Lauria
Propaganda Shapes the Past, Present & Future, by Lawrence Davidson
You Are Also a Victim of War like Us, by Vijay Prashad
MoA: Challenge-Response – How Russia Is Countering ‘Western’ Moves Against It
Supreme Court: Torture at CIA Black Site Is ‘State Secret,’ by Marjorie Cohn
George Sauron (er, Soros): US, EU Must Remove Putin And Xi From Power ‘Before They Can Destroy Our Civilization’
Afghanistan, Not Ukraine, Is the Biggest Humanitarian Crisis, by Ted Rall
The Real Globalist ‘Mastermind’ Behind the Great Reset: ‘Prophet’ Jacques Attali, by Ruby Eden (Videos)
     Part Two, the Devil and Klaus Schwab, by Jon Rappoport
America’s Resource Curse, by Eamon McKinney
I Work for Sputnik News, by John Kiriakou
The West’s Hands in Ukraine Are as Bloody as Putin’s, by Jonathan Cook
Germany’s Stockholm Syndrome and the Firing of Valery Gergiev, by Cynthia Chung
Censoring Machine Meta Declares War on Russia, by Stephen Lendman
The Uyghur Podcast Brought to You by a CIA Torture Propagandist, by Kit Klarenberg
Jim Rogers Issues Warning: U.S. Dollar Being Used as “Instrument of War,” It’s the Endgame (Video)
Ryan Cristián Interviews Catherine A Fitts – COVID Rollback Illusion, Vax Ingredients & Financial Enslavement (Podcast)
The Ugly Truth of US WMD Biowarfare in Ukraine and Beyond, w/Cynthia Chung, Matt Ehret, Jeff Brown (Podcast)
     Sitrep: UNSC on biolabs in the Ukraine + Russia Transcript, by Amarynth
Video Transcript: The White House’s Game-Playing Denials of Bio-Labs in Ukraine, by Glenn Greenwald
Activism, Uncensored: The People’s Convoy, by Matt Taibbi (Video)
The AFL-CIO’s Nazi Friendly Union in Ukraine, by Giorgio Manfredi
Vaxed In UK 3X As Likely To Get COVID While Accounting For 90% Of COVID Deaths & Ukraine Propaganda (TLAV Podcast)
Gordon Duff on Ukraine; Gary Leupp Bemoans NATO Expansion; Dave Lindorff Says “No-Fly Zone” = WW3 (Podcast)
Russia announces first International Anti-Fascist Congress
NYT Reporter Says ‘Ton Of FBI Informants’ Were At Jan 6 – Calls Traumatized Fellow Journos ‘Bi*ches’
Mass Hysteria and Moral Outrage: The Ukraine Problem, by Will Witt
Barack Obama’s Father Identified as CIA Asset in U.S. Drive to “Recolonize” Africa During Early Days of the Cold War
An Example of Trash the NYT Calls News Fit to Print, by Stephen Lendman
“It’s Appalling”: In Hilarious Reversal, Biden Admin Now Slams Shale For Not Raising Output, by Tyler Durden
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