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Mar 16, 2022

♫ Kan Night Ride To Armagh

Huge Gap Between How Serious Nuclear War Is And How Seriously It’s Being Taken

Russian special military operation in the Ukraine – Day 19, by The Saker
Hedges: Waltzing Toward Armageddon with the Merchants of Death
Romney’s “Treason” Smear of Tulsi Gabbard is False and Noxious, But Now Typifies U.S. Discourse, by Glenn Greenwald
“Is Russia’s Central Bank Chief a “Hostile Foreign Agent” Deliberately Sabotaging the Russian Economy?”
Sitrep : Sanctions and quite major economic news, by Amarynth
Craig Murray: New Legal Hurdles for Julian Assange
Russia’s Special Military Operation: Day 19, by Stephen Lendman
MoA: Ukraine – Officials Announce False Flag Attack – Sanctions Hit Back
     ‘False flag’ chemical attack in Ukraine: a coming attraction, by Gilbert Doctorow
Massive arrival of mercenaries in Ukraine
China Says “No One & No Force” Could Stop It From Taking Taiwan As 13 Jets Breach Taiwan Airspace, by Tyler Durden
Goodbye America: A country that cannot control its own borders cannot survive, by Philip Giraldi
The Great Russian Restoration IV: The State of Opposition Nationalist Politics in Russia, by Rolo Slavski
How Different Countries Are Sanctioned for Their Military Operations Abroad – Strategic Infographics
A Closer Look at the Gatekeepers of Medical Research
Why we must remember Afghanistan, by Kern Hendricks
Jewish House Democrats condemn Amnesty director’s ‘antisemitic’ comments about Israel, by Michael Arria
India Should Quit Quad Now! by M. K. Bhadrakumar
     India Confirms It Is Implementing Non-Dollar Trade with Russia – Including in Oil, by Andrew Anglin
The façade of the ‘international rules-based order’ has been exposed! by Marion Kawas
It took me a long time to face what I knew to be true about 9/11, by William Hurt
Anti-Russia? Then arrest the Clintons, by Jon Rappoport
Documentary shows how COVID restrictions imposed ‘fear,’ increased ‘control’ over people (Video)
People’s Convoy plays it right – and smart! by Joseph Farah
Will that little Ukrainian refugee terrorize Palestinian children some day? by Doaa Alremeili
Half of Americans Are Living Paycheck to Paycheck
If Russian Currency Reserves Aren’t Really Money, the World Is in for a Shock, by Jon Sindreu
Ukraine Crisis — Looking Back, Looking Ahead, by Tony Kevin
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