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Mar 17, 2024


  • Randy Holmes

    Hi Roger, I’m a longtime lurker who greatly appreciates the work you do and reads your blog every day. Your readers are all very lucky to have the benefit of your carefully curated insights into an increasingly obscure reality. Thank you!

    I’d like to respectfully suggest an editorial alteration: the article entitled “New Evidence the German Taurus Attack Plan Was Leaked by the US Air Force” linked to in the March 17 Sitrep is actually authored by John Helmer, who did some exemplary research and reporting for that piece. Would you please consider crediting the author (not Yves Smith who only linked to it) and linking to the webpage where the original article is posted – https://johnhelmer.net/new-evidence-the-german-taurus-attack-plan-was-leaked-by-the-us-air-force/

    Thanks for your time and consideration Roger, and I wish you all the very best.

    • Editor

      Thanks for writing, Randy. I always have to choose in such cases, But bare in mind that the link in her posts is always there, and if it’s to a post from Helmer, I prefer the formatting on her site.