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Nov 10, 2021

A Chronicle of the Decline and Fall of the Western Empire

Welcome to SitRepWorld. This site is a sequel to One Democratic State (the Legacy Website) which is now read only, though the links are still active. There you will find a great deal of material aside from the daily links. ’By the Editor’ consists of my own essays from the last decade, an ’About’ page, a ’Donations’ page, ’Archives’ going back about eight years, material on ’Historical Revisionism,’ an extensive listing of ’Quotes’ and so forth.
The One Democratic State movement is now going mainstream but I found myself increasingly covering what is going on elsewhere, as everything is connected. So I created SRW, which contains 25-30 links daily, a heady mixture of the best, most articulate and relevant writings (and videos and Podcasts) on US and international affairs that I can find – and after ten years of doing this, I know where to look. It’s an effective antidote to the toxic virus known as the Mainstream Media, if you choose to make use of it.
The Queen of Fake News
♫ Junior Wells – Little Red Rooster

The Scourge of Fake News Over the Real Thing, by Stephen Lendman

Same Old Same Old: Youngkin seeks the Jewish stamp of approval, by Philip Giraldi
Elites Buy Us Off with Trivial Protections – While They Raid the Common Wealth, by Jonathan Cook
Scientific Merit and the ‘Equity’ Cult,” by Heather Mac Donald
     Why is the army fighting the culture wars? by Jo Bartosch
Nice Totalitarianism, by James Alexander
CIA Chief Comes to Moscow… Russia Gets the U.S. Deep State to Pay Attention, by Finian Cunningham
Did the Squad Give Away Their Bargaining Power? by Michael Hudson
How to Lie and Mass Deceive with Digital Ease, by Stephen Lendman
All US Elections Are Fraudulent; Shut Up About Nicaragua, by Caitlin Johnstone
     Sandinistas Win By a Landslide! U.S. Dirty Tricks Fail in Derailing Nicaraguan Democracy, by Nan McCurdy
Quiet apocalypse at the school board, by Jon Rappoport
No End to the Washington Post’s War on Whistleblowers, by Melvin Goodman
Rittenhouse Witness Blows Case For Prosecution, Admits He Pointed Gun, Advanced First, by Tyler Durden
Great News: Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is Falling Apart! by Ron Paul
     Vaccine Safety Update, by Will Jones
New VAERS analysis reveals hundreds of serious adverse events that the CDC and FDA never told us about
     Just Say NO! by Stephen Lendman
Despite a Tsunami of Condemnation, Sweden’s Approach to Covid Hasn’t Ended In Disaster, by Johan Anderberg
Analysis of official data shows the risks attached to Covid “vaccine” far outweighs any theoretical reward
     Regeneron Shares Surge As Antibody Cocktail Cuts COVID Risk By 81.6%, by Tyler Durden
Daily Wire sues Biden administration over ‘tyrannical vaccine mandate,’ by Kennedy Hall
     Iconic singer Van Morrison sued over Covid-19 comments
China’s most widespread outbreak since Wuhan reaches a 20th province despite extreme ‘zero-Covid’ policies
What’s Next for Julian Assange? by Joe Lauria
Deconstructing Islamophobia, by The Saker
Beyond Apartheid: Genocide, by Caroline Debnam
NYT piece on ‘unraveling of Zionism’ is good news in battle for ‘Jewish opinion,’ by Philip Weiss
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