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Nov 11, 2021

Employees from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
♫ Sharon Shannon and Alan Connor at Celtic Colours

The Vaccine Is Killing More People than Covid, by Paul Craig Roberts

American General Already Admits Defeat Against Russians and Chinese, by Tim Kirby
Resisting Tyranny Depends on the Courage to Not Conform, by Barry Brownstein
Mining the Planet to Death: The Dirty Truth About Clean Technologies
John Durham Is Getting Close To The Jugular, by Charles Lipson
Al Gore’s Latest ‘Solution’ To Climate Change Is Mass Surveillance, by Steve Watson
     The Follies of ‘Net Zero’ Carbon Risk Consigning Millions to Energy Poverty, by Will Jones
Losing Militarily & Strategically, in Order to ‘Win’ Politically (Ephemerally), by Alastair Crooke
Reining in the Pentagon: Can It Possibly Happen? by Mandy Smithberger and Wm Hartung
Looting By Other Means, by George Monbiot
Pressure grows on U.S. to accept or reject Israel’s ‘act of tyranny,’ by Philip Weiss
More Sergey Lavrov Straight Talk, by Stephen Lendman
From Dreamland to Nightmareland, by Steve Sailer
Dr. Roger Hodkinson says “It’s all been a pack of lies” (Video)
     MSM War on NFL Star QB Aaron Rodgers, by Stephen Lendman
CA Gov. Newsom missing, rumor says he has Guillain-Barre Syndrome following booster vaccine
     2,433 fetal deaths recorded in VAERS from pregnant women who got a COVID-19 jab
The courts are backing the Covid vaccine madness, by Sally Beck
     Hundreds of Thousands to Go on Four-Day Nationwide Strike Over Vaccine Mandates
Seattle Public Schools cancel classes due to lack of staff
     School Shuts Down After “Large Number of Staff” Suffers Adverse Reactions from Covid Booster Jab
Florida, Center of COVID Mandate Resistance, Has Lowest Infection Levels in U.S., by K. Rahman
Renegade Priest deals with a man during confession, by Jon Rappoport
Crowds chant and banners fly “Let’s Go Brandon” – it’s code for “F*ck Joe Biden”
Israel Planning to Attack Iran? by Stephen Lendman
Zelaya: “Neoliberalism failed – we’ll return to state planning”
Formal Complaint Filed Against GB Mayor for Turning 2020 Elections Over to Far Left Operative
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