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Nov 13, 2021

♫ Dragon De Lune | Hadouk Trio

Call It The Department Of Aggression, Not ‘Defense,’ by Caitlin Johnstone

Challenging Humanity’s Greatest Threat, by Stephen Lendman
SC Editorial: Europe on the Brink… Germany, France Must Uphold Peace in Ukraine
New Great Game in the Caucasus and Central Asia, by Pepe Escobar
Raids, Arrests and Death Threats: Israel’s Strategy of Silencing Human Rights Defenders, by Baroud/Rubeo
     The threat is imminent but make no mistake – the voice of justice is loud, by Shahd Qaddoura
I understand the terrorists, by Jonathan Ofir
     Anti-Zionism could bring on another Holocaust, Bernard-Henri Levy tells NY synagogue, by Philip Weiss
Bill Gates Should Know Better: How the Israeli Occupation Ravages the Environment in Palestine, by Ramzy Baroud
     Former Israeli Soldiers Speak out: There is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart, by Jim Miles
Israeli Military ‘Accelerating’ Plans to Attack Iran, by Dave DeCamp
Rebuild America and Fight China, by Eric Margolis
What’s Wrong With ‘Woke’? by Noah Carl
U.S. Absolves Drone Killers and Persecutes Whistleblowers, by Jeremy Scahill
Brandon, Vermont will be celebrating ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on Saturday, by John Klar
The Russia Lie… And How We Told You So
News from CJ Hopkins & Consent Factory
     The Unfortunate Consequences of Biden’s Vaccine Mandate, by Gilbert Berdine, MD
MSM Crucifixion of Aaron Rodgers for Doing the Right Thing, by Stephen Lendman
     Do masks work? No possible way says filtration expert Tyson Gabriel, by Steve Kirsch
Ten Republican-led states sue over vaccine mandate for healthcare workers
     FDA recalls millions of Covid test kits over false results
Cardiologist Who Said He ‘Won’t Cry at Funeral’ For “Selfish” Unvaccinated People Suddenly Dies in His Sleep 2   Weeks After 3rd Covid Jab
     Pandemic outbreaks grow in China but Beijing maintains zero-COVID policy, by Jerry Zhang
YouTube Hides “Dislikes” Following Mass Downvoting Of Biden Administration Videos, by Paul Joseph Watson
Democrats Get Schooled in Politics 101: Don’t Tread on Soccer Moms, by Robert Bridge
Do these twits really belong in jail? by Bridget Jones
Is Biden Looking to Reignite a Dirty War in Ukraine? by Russell Bentley
AMLO Proposes to UN Security Council “World Fraternity Plan”
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