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Nov 12, 2021

Homecoming Queen
♫ Daoirí Farrell live at Celtic Colours

Whitewashing Murder Day, by The Saker

Dems Are Committed to Criminal Justice Reform – For Everyone But Their Enemies, by Glenn Greenwald
Day of the Dead, by Phil Knight
The Biden Regime: An Unparalleled Global Menace, by Stephen Lendman
Bloomberg´s CIA Apologia Accidentally Vindicates China’s Strict Domestic Policies, by Caitlin Johnstone
Afghanistan: Between Pipelines and ISIS-K, the Americans Are Still in Play, by Pepe Escobar
‘It’s okay to be white’ and the madness of identity politics, by Charlie Peters
Growth Doesn’t Mean More Environmental Impacts, by Noah Carl
Leftists Support Tyranny, Conservatives Do Not – It’s Time To Separate, by Brandon Smith
COVID-19 Fascism! Jimmy Walter on Draconian Mandates, John Whitehead on COVID Detention Camps (Podcast)
Biden Regime War on Children, by Stephen Lendman
How Covid despots humiliated America, by Jacob Howland
     Covid deaths plunging. Vaccine damage soaring, by Sally Beck
Researchers running arm of Pfizer’s Covid jab trials ‘falsified’ data, by Connor Boyd
     Pfizer’s Attempt at Winning the Meme War Backfires Disastrously, by Paul Joseph Watson
NHS Compulsory Vaccination as an Example of Doublethink, by Peter Hayes
     Gavin Newsom Reappears, Claims He Skipped Climate Conference to go ‘Trick-or-Treating,’ by PJ Watson
A taste of lockdown down under, by Tonia Buxton
1.5C Climate Target Was Invented for the Benefit of Politicians, by Chris Morrison
To US Attorney General Garland: One of your prisoners describes his life in DC Gitmo
Class Warfare and Socialist Resistance: Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela as Existential Threats, by Ajamu Baraka
Reconsidering Regionalism in the United States, by Walt Garlington
NYT writers appear at pro-Israel event on heels of country’s FM, by James North and Philip Weiss
RIP John Stadtmiller: He Sparked 9/11 Truth Movement — and Gave Me My Start in Radio, by Kevin Barrett
The NSO Hack, by Michael Arria
The BBC finally dumps Stonewall, by Julie Bindel
Diabolical US/Western Aims in Bosnia and Herzogovina, by Stephen Lendman
Western Intellectuals Whitewash Horrific Crimes of CIA Asset Paul Kagame, by Justin Podur
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