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Oct 30, 2021

Julian Assange, by Nathaniel St. Clair
♫ Van Morrison – Baby Please Don’t Go/Parchman Farm/Cry Cry Baby

Everything Assange Touches Gets Illuminated, by Caitlin Johnstone

Julian Assange Exposes Western Corruption More Than Ever, Even While in Solitary Confinement
     The US Appeal Against Assange Opens, by Binoy Kampmark
Is the Democrats’ Policy That Excludes Whites from Government Official? by Paul Craig Roberts
Who Decides What Kids Should be Taught? by Pat Buchanan
The Reverse Green Energy Cargo Cult, by Dmitry Orlov
     The madness of Net Zero – Podcast w/Bjorn Lomborg and Brendan O’Neill
Two-States is Greatest Impediment to Israel-Palestine Peace, by Richard Silverstein
Panopticon: How Mainstream Academia Normalized Mass Imprisonment, by Joaquin Flores
Palestinians: The Final Victims of the Holocaust, by Allan C. Brownfeld
     McCollum asks Biden to condemn Israel’s ‘authoritarian and antidemocratic’ repression of Palestinian rights groups
Beijing’s recent hypersonic missile test launch may have just rendered all Washington’s defense systems useless
Biden Administration Plans to Pay Illegal Aliens Half a Million Dollars for Jumping the Border
“Meltdown”: How “Hope and Change” led to MAGA – Interview with David Sirota, by Matt Taibbi
     The Democratic Party Will Always Be This Way, by Caitlin Johnstone
Rolf Lindgren on the Conspiracy to Turn Republicans Into Conspiracy Theorists – Kevin Barrett Podcast
Verified Hate: Taking Out the MFers, by Gregory Hood
Blue Collar Blockade to Cripple Supply Chain Over Vax Mandates Is ON!
     Supply chain shortage is driving up prices. Farmers are worried it could grow worse, by Phil McCausland
Why I see a war in the Donbass as (almost) inevitable, by The Saker
Balkans EU Move on Expansion a New Level of Panic by Brussels, by Martin Jay
The Covid vaccine victims who will not be silenced, by Kathy Gyngell (Video)
     New Lancet Study From Sweden Shows Vaccine Effectiveness Against Infection Dropping to Zero, by Will Jones
France records 1,300 resignations among nurses, HM says, but dismisses reports of hospital capacity suffering
The Nazi medical plan for control of the planet; World War Two never ended, by Jon Rappoport
African Agriculture Without African Farmers, by Alex Park and Siera Vercillo
Revealed: How UK spies incited mass murder of Indonesia’s communists
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