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Oct 31, 2021

♫ Bob Dylan And Mark Knopfler – Blind Willie Mctell

Billionaire Reveals Virtual Reality Experience Called ‘Mainstream Media,’ by Caitlin Johnstone

Class War Heats Up, by Eve Ottenberg
The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters, by Cynthia Chung
Julian Assange and the Poisoned American Psyche, by Danny Haiphong
     Chris Hedges: The Most Vital Battle for Press Freedom in Our Time
Instead of Facing Extradition, Assange Should Have Won the ‘Nobel War Prize,’ by Karen Sharpe
Is there life (as we know it) after the Great Reset? by Francis Lee
Tucker Rips ‘Lying Coward’ Liz Cheney After She Joins Democrat Meltdown Over His J6 Exposé, by Tyler Durden
First session of the G20 Summit – President Putin
The unexceptional roots of Zionist fragility, by Omar Zahzah
     Weiss: Israel’s ‘terrorist’ label for Palestinian rights groups is aimed at stopping ICC probe of war crimes
We need more Jonathan Sumptions, by Simon Evans
1979 Assassination of U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan Set Groundwork for America’s Longest War
22 Studies and Reports that Raise Profound Doubts about Vaccine Efficacy for the General Population
     Lockdown and the Pretence of Knowledge, by Noah Carl
“On Liberty” – Judge Learned Hand’s Wisdom from 1944 More True Today, by Ralph Nader
Photo reflects devastation of Palestinian economy as Gaza workers struggle for work, by Tareq S. Hajjaj
Whitney Webb: Facebook and the Metaverse with Ryan Cristián (Video)
     ‘Hands Off,’ Varoufakis Tells Zuckerberg After Facebook Steals ‘Meta’ Name From Anti-Capitalist Think Tank
Lincoln Project Democrat Operatives Busted For White Nationalist Hoax, by Tyler Durden
Chinese vs. American Authoritarianism? At Least China’s Rulers Are Sane, by John Derbyshire
‘Gaia’ scientist James Lovelock: I was ‘alarmist’ about climate change by Charles Rotter
     The climate scaremongers: A weekly round-up, by Paul Homewood
Charlottesville Untold: Why Terry McAuliffe, Not Jason Kessler, Should Be On Trial
Graying, Gen X and Generational Leapfrog, by Ted Rall
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