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Sep 20, 2021

The Catholic Church´s Trial of Galileo
♫ Hector The Hero – Jenna Reid with Aly Bain

Talkin’ About Armageddon, by Caitlin Johnstone

Afghanistan: Iran Is the Only Deal in Town Worth Watching, by Martin Jay
In the Name of Humanitarianism, Our Response to Covid Is Crushing Solidarity, by Jonathan Cook
Nuclear Instability: Russia, China and the “USSR – II” scenario, by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos
The Indictment of Hillary Clinton’s Lawyer is an Indictment of the Russiagate Wing of U.S. Media, by Glenn Greenwald
News from CJ Hopkins & Consent Factory, by CJ Hopkins (Video)
Iran – New Member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, by Peter Koenig
The Frogs Are Dropping Dead In Australia, by Caitlin Johnstone
Political prisoners in the UK, by Robert Harneis
What Trump’s Declassified Asia Strategy May Mean For U.S.-China Relations Under Biden, by Nishant Dahiya
Russian Elections 2021: the Thread, by Anatoly Karlin
     Letter from Russia about the elections, by Geneva Observer
The Russian World as a global project, by Rostislav Ishchenko
“Biden must disband AFRICOM and withdraw,” by Yunus Soner
Burned in Car Fire, Falsely Accused of Terrorism, Palestinian Mother Imprisoned without Medical Care, by J Buxbaum
Grace and Grit in Southern West Virginia, by Christopher Martin
Australia’s Role in Chile Confirmed in Declassified Documents, by Ramona Wadi
Dissolving Identity to Destroy the West: the Leftist War on Identity, Nationality and Biology, by Tobias Langdon
LPR and DPR Repatriate Ukraine’s War Victims (graphic!), by George Eliason
Likely Assassination of UN Chief by US, British and South African Intelligence Happened 60 Years Ago on Saturday
     The Less-Cold Case of Dag Hammarskjöld, by James DiEugenio
Salvador Allende: Last Words to the Nation
Jim Hogue and Rowan Millar Discuss 9/11-COVID and Vaccine Mandates (Kevin Barrett Podcast)
Is This the Funniest FBI Story of the Year? If So, the Joke is on Us, by Steve Brown
Indonesian G20 presidency promises to put a ‘battle for the soul of Islam’ on the front burner, by James Dorsey
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