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Sep 3, 2021

1/2 million Afghans internally displaced by violence this year alone
♫ Van Morrison – Listen to the Lion

Biden Threatens More Illegal War in Afghanistan, by Marjorie Cohn

Biden’s Revenge: Fueling ‘Madness of Militarism’ in Afghanistan, by Norman Solomon
Afghanistan Is a Debacle – But You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, by Edward Lozansky
Since 9/11, US Has Spent $21 Trillion on Militarism at Home and Abroad, by Jake Johnson
Robert Gates and Those ‘Transfer Cases,’ by Ray McGovern
Israel’s Nukes, by Michael Arria
Harvard Epidemiologist Says The Case For COVID Vaccine Passports Was Just Demolished, by Jon Miltimore
Jewish Chronicle’s libel payouts were a small price to pay for smearing Corbyn and the left, by Jonathan Cook
‘Foreign Affairs’ survey on two-state solution shows Israel advocates cling to it, few others, by Philip Weiss
Ex-UN Expert: If US Wants to Conduct COVID Probe In China, It Should Open Its Biolabs to Inspectors, by Ekaterina Blinova
‘I Feel Good’: Joe Rogan Contracts Covid, Bounces Back Within Days Using Drug Cocktail Including Ivermectin
Meet The Censored: Ivermectin Critic David Fuller, by Matt Taibbi
Ivermectin: Horse Hockey vs. Truth, by Michelle Malkin
USA’s so-called genocide allegations against China justified by international law? by Mehmet Sukru Guzel
Beijing’s New US Envoy: ‘China Is Not the Soviet Union,’ by Dave DeCamp
WHO Places ‘Mu Variant’ Under Close Scrutiny Over Fears Of Vaccine Resistance, by Tyler Durden
Australia: New Law Allows Feds to Hack and Control Online Accounts of Political Dissidents Without a Warrant, by Eric Striker
I have fought for justice my whole life and I will continue that fight, by Fidaa Wishah
The Balkan Project Washington Wants to Derail, by Gregory Elich
Lawyer Representing 17 Jan. 6 Defendants Has Mysteriously Gone Missing: Court Filings, by Jack Phillips
Microchip, Macro Impact, Micro Vision, by Ralph Nader
Stanford Study on Covid Infection Fatality Rates that Big Tech is Censoring, by JD Rucker
Professor Argues White People Should Commit Suicide as an Ethical Act to End White Privilege, by Paul Kersey
FM Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to questions from MGIMO students and faculty
Refugees after the American Revolution needed money, homes and acceptance, by G. Patrick O’Brien
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