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Sep 4, 2021

♫ Maire Brennan and Michael McDonald – Don’t Give Up

Chris Hedges: The Empire Does Not Forgive

Afghanistan Recessional: Will It Lead to a War with Iran? by Philip Giraldi

Wanna see what a US ‘hero’ looks like and how they really behave? from The Saker (Video)

Imperial Business-As-Usual… Biden-Zelenksy Meeting Shows U.S. Learned Nothing From Afghanistan

On Propaganda and Failed Narratives: New Understanding of Afghanistan is a Must, by Ramzy Baroud

Let’s Open the Books: We Need a Truth Commission for the Afghan War, by Robert C. Koehler

PCR: The West’s Medical Authorities and Presstitute Media Should be Indicted for Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder

ACLU Says The State Forcing People To Take Vaccines Is A Victory For Civil Liberties, by Paul Joseph Watson

Why the Taliban still can’t form a government, by Pepe Escobar

Whitney Webb: Afghanistan Chaos and What Comes Next with Tom Luongo (Podcast)

Cacophony and Confusion in Foreign Policy, by Pat Buchanan

You can’t understand Afghanistan without recognizing the significance of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), by James North

U.S. Military Bases and Airfields are Contaminating Potomac River with “Astronomical Levels” of Toxic Substances, by Pat Elder

New Israeli President, darling of liberal Zionists, says violent religious settlement is in ‘my DNA,’ by Jonathan Ofir

US Agencies’ Planned Expansion of Facial Recognition, by Julia Conley

US Collected 4.8 Million Biometric Records of Afghans, by Margaret Hu

The Turkish poet Livaneli for Mikis Theodorakis: “The pain is so deep!”
The last appeal by Mikis Theodorakis: Save Julian Assange

An Australian app “as Orwellian as any in the free world,” by Thomas Lifson

DHS, CNN Scramble To Flip Biden Afghanistan Narrative Back To Domestic ‘White Supremacists’ Threat, by Tyler Durden

Israeli Forces Injure 70 Palestinians in Beita

A COVID testing facility in Colorado reveals the con behind the panic, by Andrea Widburg

Dallas mayor and city council mocked in hilarious parody of mandatory vaccine policies (Video)

Israel even criminalizes dead Palestinian bodies, by Hebh Jamal

Gab.com’s Response to Congress

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