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Sep 10, 2021

Covid 19 84

♫ Schubert – Serenade

9/9 and 9/11, 20 Years Later, by Pepe Escobar

The World’s Deadliest Terrorist Group, by Caitlin Johnstone
Govt Failure Is the New Normal: Blaming the Spies Means Never Any Accountability, by Philip Giraldi
9/11 Afghanistan, by Israel Shamir
The Legacy of September 11th, by Michael Arria
How the US Trained the Afghan Mujahideen To Produce War Propaganda, by Dan Cohen
Marking the twentieth anniversary of “9/11” by Zamir Awan
US media exposed as Pentagon mouthpiece on Afghanistan – Anya Parampil interviews Gareth Porter (Video)
Nuances of a silent expansive explosion, by Fabio Reis Vianna
What Happened With the Tumultuous Pro-Bolsonaro Protest in Brazil? Plus: a Rumble Update, by Glenn Greenwald
The Money That Never Arrives in Cuba, by Rosa Miriam Elizalde
U.S. is Waging Domestic War and Preparing for More, by Ajamu Baraka
Totalitarian woke culture drives out a true scholar at Portland State University, by Andrea Widburg (Video)
New Opportunities For Progressives in an Evolving Middle East? by Jeff Halper
Laurent Guyenot on “the Unspoken Kennedy Truth” — and Its Link to 9/11 (Kevin Barrett, Audio)
Deep Truth: Visionaries Speak Out (Webinars)
The Taliban’s Choice of Interim Prime Minister, by Ali A. Olomi
Revealed: Mercer Street’s Parent Shipping Company a Front for Israeli Intelligence, by Alan Macleod
U.S. Corporate Media Watch: Roberto Sirvent interviews Richard Medhurst (Black Agenda Report)
The End of White Hegemony? by David Rosen
Australia Confiscates Alcohol, Limits Residents in Lockdown to “Six Beers or Pre-Mixed Drinks or One Bottle of Wine”
The Ultimate Picture Thread To Show How Far Society Has Devolved In The Last Year, Beyond Depressing, by Harris Rigby
Bin Laden’s legacy probably surpasses his wildest dreams, by James M. Dorsey
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