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Sep 9, 2021

Capetown, 2021
♫ Liam O’Flynn, Neil Martin, Seán Keane, Matt Molloy & Arty McGlynn | Gradam Ceoil

“America’s Longest War” Is Not Over! by Brian Terrell

Is It Biden’s Turn to be Boxed In? by Melvin Goodman
Blinken on Damage-Limitation Tour After Afghanistan Fiasco, by Finian Cunningham
Blame Bush and Obama for the Afghan Disaster: 20 Years for Nothing, by Scott Horton
A Military Solution to a Commercial Problem, by Fred Reed
Abortion Bounty Hunters in Texas Are Vigilantes Not ‘Whistleblowers,’ by Norman Solomon
Moral Majority Media Strikes Again, by Matt Taibbi
Tax the ‘Trillion-Dollar Seven,’ by Bob Lord
The Eastern Economic Forum Accelerates a Grand Strategy of Win-Win Cooperation, by Matthew Ehret
‘Will you stop me from filling up with Iranian petrol?!’: Beirut Sunni Imam (Video)
New Israeli Film Paints Sympathetic Picture Of Jewish Terrorists Who Tried To Murder Millions, by Eric Striker
Weiss: CEO of leading Jewish org denies there’s an occupation and calls Ben & Jerry’s chair ‘apologist for Hamas’ 
US Airstrikes & Civilian Killings Since 9/11, by Kenny Stancil
Lessons for the Evacuation of Afghanistan, by Ann Wright
Deserters Make Good Ancestors: Reflections on Robt E. Lee and Virgil M. St. Clair, by Jeffrey St. Clair
WTF Dept: Rutgers bars unvaccinated student from attending virtual classes
A Chill Wind: Texas Unleashes Bounty Hunters on Women, by Martha Burk
Australia Has No Bill Of Rights, And It Shows, by Caitlin Johnstone
‘Our heroes’: Palestinians celebrate the ‘great escape’ of 6 political prisoners
Infographic: Guantanamo Bay explained in maps and charts
New Details Emerge About Coronavirus Research at Chinese Lab, by Sharon Lerner, Mara Hvistendahl
Yes, the 21st Century Belongs to the Chinese, by Paul Kersey
Woke Capital or State Power? by Gregory Hood
Geo-engineering: Solution or time bomb? (Video)
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