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Nov 1, 2021

Palestinian Christians
♫ Thelonious Monk – Straight No Chaser

(New Normal) Winter is Coming, by CJ Hopkins

Billionaires Are Not Morally Qualified To Shape Human Civilization, by Caitlin Johnstone
What America’s 17 Intelligence Agencies Won’t Say About the Origins of Covid, by Ron Unz
Russia and the Big NATO Bluff, by Peter Koenig
The woke counter-Enlightenment, by Frank Furedi
     Wokism’s Creep and The Conservative Awakening: Part I, by Côme Carpentier de Gourdon
The “Let’s Go, Brandon!” Freakout Goes Next-Level, by Matt Taibbi
Still No Accountability From Israel Over the 1956 Massacre of Kafr Qasem, by Ramona Wadi
Grayzone Interview with Michael Hudson (Video)
Robert Clancy: Genetic Vaccines not the solution. IVM, HCQ, Novavax are preferable
     UKHSA Caves to Pressure and Removes Chart Showing Higher Infection Rates in the Vaccinated
          COVID-19 Vaccine Rollouts Associated with Worldwide Increases in COVID-19 Death Rates above 2020 Levels
     Record Crowds Protest Covid Vaccine Mandates (Video)
Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism, by Dr. Joseph Mercola (Video)
     Indonesia cut Covid by 98% with Ivermectin while Australia grew cases 500% with Lock-n-Vax
DeSantis sues Biden over federal contractor vaccine mandate, by Nathaniel Weixel
     Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp: “Masks have no place in schools” (Video)
Night of the Living Vaxxed, by Kevin Barrett
Loudoun County and the cruelty of trans ideology, by Sean Collins
57 In the Name of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity… Strategic Infographics
WSJ Editorial: The Climate Summit to Nowhere (Video)
     Why Aren’t Journalists and Politicians More Skeptical About the ‘Net Zero’ Policy? by Chris Morrison
Hedges & Lauria on Assange Hearing (Video)
Weapons trade with Saudis and Israel must be disrupted, by Maureen Clare Murphy
The EU Becomes a Useful Idiot Once Again for Iran and Washington, by Martin Jay
Three Dagestanis Violently Beat Up a Russian Man in a Metro (Ruslan Ostashko)
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