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Nov 16, 2021

Bonnie Prince Charlie?
♫ Sharon Shannon & Natalie MacMaster at Celtic Colours

U.S. Supremacy by Any Other Name, by Alastair Crook

Today Russia Is More Free Than The “Free World,” by Paul Craig Roberts
Xi’s new Communist Manifesto, by Pepe Escobar
The Glory of the American Experiment, by Ron Ridenour
US Coverup Of Syria Massacre Shows The Danger Of The Assange Precedent, by Caitlin Johnstone
Why Wokeism Is A Religion, by Michael Shellenberger
     How anti-racism became a religion, by Tom Slater
No. Dakota Bans Critical Race Theory in Public Schools, Requires ‘Factual, Objective’ Curriculum, by GQ Pan
Buxbaum: The “Seam Zone”: Israeli Officials Are Barring Thousands of Palestinian Farmers from Their Land
Yes, It’s the Lobby: “Political Fear” Drives US Support for Israel, by ex-Sen. James Abourezk
Aaron Maté: New Indictments Expose Democrats’ Russiagate Obsession as Historic Hoax – R. Scheer Podcast
The end of truth is nigh, by Brother Antony
Worldwide Vaccine Failure, by Alex Berenson
     US/Western Kill Shots for Infants on Deck, by Stephen Lendman
Australian Media Convinces Aboriginal Tribal Elder to Lead by Example and Get Jabbed. He Died Six Days Later
     Norway Study Finds ZERO Vaccine Effectiveness Against Death for Covid Hospital Patients, by Will Jones
CDC: No Record of Naturally Immune Transmitting COVID-19, by Zachary Stieber
     Pushing Genocide and Tyranny on Sunday Talk Shows, by Stephen Lendman
Matt Ridley: Where did Covid begin? (Video)
     Defeating the pandemic, Cuba opens to tourism – US tries to sabotage with protests, by Yunus Soner
Open letter to Tucker Carlson: the real opioid story, by Jon Rappoport
Elizabeth Will Die Soon And Then We’ll Have A “King” And It Will Be Hilarious, by Caitlin Johnstone
Swami Beyondanonda Incites an Upwising! – Kevin Barrett, Video
Biden Regime Prioritizes Forever War on Humanity at Home and Abroad, by Stephen Lendman
Putin: Russia Ready to Help Resolve Migrant Crisis on Belarusian-Polish Border
Federal Reserve Failure, by Ron Paul
     The Main Exit Plan Has Always Been Massive Inflation, by jhanders
Bolivian Pres Luis Arce on Country Recovering from US-Backed Coup & Latin American Unity (Video, Interview)
China and India are right to keep coal, by Samir Shah
Trans activists fuming as BBC executive tells staff that journalism can hurt their feelings
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